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Jahne Spencer


Jahne Spencer is a born and raised New Yorker. Who's pursuing her career within media as a aspiring creative director. She loves expressing her creative mind through many forms of art. Her current work is show-running her school’s Film Festival in the Spring. And when she’s not actively working you can spot her at a concert of her favorite artists. She was inspired by many musical artists who direct their music videos.

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Artist Statement

Working in media and entertainment has always been an interest of mine since an early age. I feel so alive because I’m able to assist others and let our imaginative ideas come to reality. I developed a passion for that area of entertainment and chose to pursue this professional path when I was younger, watching YouTube videos and documentaries of the production of movies, music videos, and TV series with large or small teams behind them. Really, many people's enormous ideas would never have been realized without the help of individuals like producers, creative directors, editors, writers, music teams, and several other pre- and post-production teams. And I'm happy that I might be able to participate in that aspect of entertainment. Being this year's film festival showrunner was very important to me because I wanted to make a point that I started to feel not many people embraced, which is to have more confidence in making your art. My message to my classmates is: not everyone will understand what you want to express to the world, but the ones that do will support you, and that's all that counts. Don't be afraid or ashamed to be creative; if it's in your blood then go for it and make a difference, the next generation will need it.  As a producer, I believe that taking on this assignment as a showrunner and witnessing all of my classmates' work has greatly motivated me, and I'm very proud of each and everyone and excited about where our future takes us.

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