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Lily Karlin


Lily Karlin is a 21-year-old film maker and artist who is graduating from Marymount Manhattan College with a BFA in Digital Media and Video Production. Lily has worked on projects of all genres, from comedy, to horror, to reality television. Lily hopes to work in live sports entertainment and stick to her roots in the film and television production world. 

Artist Statement

I am a film and media production student at Marymount Manhattan College. Throughout my time at Marymount Manhattan, I have learned valuable assets to being successful in the industry after my graduation. On top of being a film and media production student, I have worked on film and television shows as a production assistant for two years. Working on projects for companies such as A24 and Hulu, I have been fortunate to gain real life experience on top of my course work. Both my experiences as a production assistant and my studies at Marymount Manhattan College has prepared me to show run our 2023-2024 Capstone film festival; A Safe Space. I am a multitasker who is ready to dive head first into this film festival with my co showrunner Nicolette Mancini. 

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