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About Us

The Fifth Floor Film Festival of Marymount Manhattan College serves as a hybrid showcase to celebrate the capstone films of BFA Film and Media Production Students & BA Digital Media Video Production students.

This Year’s Theme: Transparency

The film festival expresses how coming out of a hardship like the COVID-19 Pandemic, the Marymount Manhattan College class of 2023 has pushed back and fought through everything that has come their way. Despite the world’s halt and dozens of hardships that have come along with it, the stories the students chose, and creative choices made behind them are all undeniably true to themselves.

The theme of the jellyfish in outer space represents the unique nature of each film and the transparency of each director that they have and are taking with them through their journeys as an artist both during their time in school and beyond,

no matter what lies ahead.

This Will Be a Hybrid Event. To Get Tickets, Click Below.

To Access Online Viewing. Click Below

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