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Words Can't Hurt
Me Anymore

This is a documentary about the aftermath of bullying. Bullying can take a mental toll on your brain, and it can be challenging to overcome obstacles that your brain may force you to face. Any person who has been bullied can tell you that it sucks but some of the worst parts of the entire bullying experience is how it rewires your brain into making you believe that all of your worst nightmares are true. My main interviewee has her own story about being bullied at a young age. She was bullied in grade school for the hair on her body. With puberty everyone grows hair in new parts of their body however she happened to be hairier than the rest of the girls. This made her shave almost every day, so she was never seen with any hair besides on the top of her head. The bullying eventually stopped when she entered high school however the inner thoughts were taking over. She eventually realized that shaving every single day was crazy because hair doesn’t grow that fast and if you have a tiny bit of hair on your arm its ok. It took her a few years to realize she was perfect the way she is and there are so many people out there who can learn from this story. People can learn that although you may be insecure about something a bully has said to you, those thoughts won’t last in the long run. You are strong and you are brave. You can learn to fight evil thoughts and live a happy life. Through the use of archival photos and visuals from school grounds we will hear Nicolette tell her story through an interview voiceover discussing how she felt when everything started until the current point in her life.

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