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Fifth Floor
Film Festival

May 16th, 2023


Jahne Spencer
Liz Whitman-Kinghorn

5:30pm - Block 1, Theresa Lang Theater:

Bab Alsalaam Mosque, Directed By Mohammed Aljaser - 10:00


An Omani architect takes on his most recent challenge: how to create a stunning mosque that can also improve the healing effects of prayer. 


Summer Friday Directed By Elizabeth Bittner - 5:01


Three young women explore different stages of their twenties using Summer Fridays' Blush Balm Sticks to navigate their self-confidence and natural femininity.


Alex and Anna, Directed By Abigail Younger - 7:52


When a deadly fight ensues between Anna and her boyfriend's talent manager and best friend, she must reveal the ugly truth while escaping Manhattan.


The Mark He Left, Directed By Alyssa Zalenski - 9:10


While a man spirals from a drug-induced mental disorder, he believes he is acting completely fine, while everyone around him is terrified of his next episode.


This Is Not a Funeral, Directed By Amber Fay - 10:00


When the world of business-oriented, workaholic Eve is disrupted by a sudden familial loss, she is forced to navigate the emotional fallout and face her estranged family.


The Life of a Contemporary Work of Art, Directed By Abril Chavez - 9:37


After being created by three different artists, three paintings with distinct personalities take on a human form and explore the meaning of what it means to be a piece of art in contemporary society.


Consolation, Directed By Hannah Decker - 8:23 


In the near future, a group of young people take matters into their own hands when they learn that human technologies will not save them from the complete depletion of oxygen on planet Earth.

Block 1 - Q&A

7pm – Reception & Awards, Regina Peruggi Room

8pm – Block 2, Theresa Lang Theater:

Spin Cycle, Directed By Casey Nepivoda - 10:56


After moving into a new apartment, a young New Yorker has to clean his own laundry for the first time in his life, leading his mind to tumble out of control.


Words Can’t Hurt Me Anymore, Directed By Krista Schuff - 5:12


This documentary short film explores the influence of grade school bullying on a person and the effects after the event with a current college student.


Dinner With Demons, Directed By Liberty Joy - 6:45


A young woman confronts her past trauma and its impact on her familial relationships coming face to face with her own addiction, during a party with friends, triggering a surreal journey into her subconscious.


Remember Me, Directed By Pierce Esteves - 11:55


A young woman struggles to maintain her sanity amidst the belief that she has a stalker; although she knows she's in danger, the situation might be much worse.


Without You, Directed Brooke Burrows 6:13


MADELINE, Directed By Sam Anctil - 11:29


At a crossroads between his career and his relationship, musician Chase's past brings up questions that no one wants to answer.


Break Free, Directed By Vanessa Alzate - 8:32


Valencia's fears come to life and stalk her around every corner. Will she be able to confront her inner demon?


Lilith, Directed By Jordan Ansberry - 9:57


After asking for equality, Lilith’s partner punishes her and she goes on a journey of revenge, and empowerment with a dash of magic.

Block 2 - Q&A

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