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Alex And Anna

Alex and Anna is a short thriller, fiction film. Anna has just killed Simon, her boyfriend Alex’s talent manager after learning the ugly truth about him. She must cover her tracks and unveil the truth to Alex while escaping Manhattan. Anna who is usually soft-spoken, finds her voice and decides to stand up for herself and show that the fact that she is a woman doesn’t make her insignificant. During their escape, Alex learns more about Anna and Anna learns more about Alex. This story is centered around female empowerment and finding the courage to stand up for what’s right, and I think women need much support right now. The character Anna represents women that exist in everyday life but are never shown on screen because typically, in movies, they are supposed to be rescued by a man. While that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it’s just not always realistic. It is important to show loyalty, devotion, and love as characteristics that show the strength of a woman, not that they are needy and weak. As a storyteller I think it’s important to use my art to make an impact and show proper representation.

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