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Dinner with Demons

Dinner with Demons follows the story of Elora, a young woman who struggles with her own addiction and the guilt she feels about her father's addiction and its impact on her family.Through a series of flashbacks set through the mind of Elora as she is trying not to backslide into drinking again, we see the unraveling of a marriage between Brent and Mara, and the impact it has on their two daughters, Elora and Stella.The story is told non-linearly, with scenes jumping back and forth between a party in New York City where Elora is faced with the opportunity to drink, a tea party in a surreal void where Elora goes to escape in her mind, and a heated argument between Brent and Mara in their family home. The film delves into themes of guilt, forgiveness, and the difficulty of breaking free from destructive patterns, especially generationally. Overall, the film is a poignant and powerful reminder of the devastating impact addiction can have on families and the importance of understanding and compassion in the face of this disease. In filming Dinner with Demons, I knew that one of the biggest aspects that I did not want to compromise on was my diversity on set, both on and off camera. I knew that I wanted my cast and crew to bring as many different points of view as possible. Along with that I knew that I wanted to create a safe space on my sets, and I believe I did. From what I saw my cast and crew worked together immensely well, really bringing my vision to life.

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