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Madeline follows a young musician named Chase, and his girlfriend Maddy, as they wrestle with their priorities and the effects they have on their relationship. Chase and Maddy are having a nice date night when Chase is offered free studio time by his friend, Max because of a scheduling mixup. Chase chooses to take the studio time despite their date night not yet be over, but not before telling Maddy that he needs to work on a song he is writing for her. Maddy is not super happy about him leaving, but she is supportive, and excited about the song, so she lets him go without further protest. When Chase is at the studio, however, Maddy is on the phone with her friend Tyler and sees a note of one of Chase’s songs that has his ex-girlfriend's name at the top of the page. This leaves Maddy to wonder if her boyfriend is still writing about his ex-girlfriend, even now. Chase gets home late, and Maddy is asleep so he gets back to working on his music. In the morning when he gets up, Maddy is waiting for him in the dining room, ready to ask about the note she found. When she asks him about the note, she clearly does not get the answer she is looking for, and Chase tells her that the song is not really hers and that he should not have told her it was. With this new information, Maddy is upset and decides to leave him alone to “work on his song alone”. The rest of the day, both of them are upset about the fight and clearly pondering calling each other. Chase tries to write more, to no avail, and Maddy is upset as she waits eagerly for his call. Finally, we see Chase pick up his phone, make a call, and leave his home. As he rushes through the park and the streets, the excitement builds as we think he is going to see Maddy and make things right. But at the end, we see that he was actually going to see Max finish the song.

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