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Hannah Decker

Writer and filmmaker Hannah Decker hails from the Electric City of Scranton, Pennsylvania, where she first established her roots as a filmmaker in amateur music video and documentary work, capturing the wonders of imagination on her iPod touch. Hannah’s eye leans towards the world of wonder: she wants to capture things she does not know in reality. Whether that means capturing a history she did not live through or imagining a future that she will not live to see, Hannah’s curiosity for the unknown presents itself in her work. Hannah most enjoys producing genre-based work, particularly of the historical, sci-fi, and fantasy genres.

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Artist Statement

With the development of Meta software and the effects of the pandemic causing life as we know it to shift to online or hybrid means of engagement, I fear we may never get back to the thing that makes us inherently human. Technology makes things easier, and it certainly consumes much of our lives. Technology and online social realms grow larger and larger each day, and reality seems to be fading. It is out of this fear that I have created the society represented in Consolation—the society that lives via Virtual Viewers, a device that immerses the wearer into a 3D, life-like virtual reality setting. Besides the rising prominence of technology in our society and my fears for it, I have taken the anxieties and fears of climate change and given them a future where society must face the consequences. Consolation envisions an unsettling future that seems inevitable and imminent. The fears of climate change and the ever-increasing dependency on technology have spurred me to develop this project. After reflecting on history and the civilizations that have risen and fallen, I have realized that there is a natural cycle to things. Nothing is permanent on this Earth, and even what we consider to be progression can be the very thing that leads us to our demise. Consolation provides a perspective on the future that considers this fact and reminds us to be human, enjoy the land we live on, and love the people we know, while we still can.

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