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Sam Anctil

Sam Anctil is a filmmaker from Nashville, TN who started working on films with his friends around the age of twelve. Currently based in New York City, he is receiving his BFA in Film and Media Production from Marymount Manhattan College. He enjoys long walks on the beach.

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Artist Statement

Madeline is a piece about the effects art has on the artist, and those around them. The idea of a Work/Life balance is something that has become increasingly important to the public in the aftermath of the pandemic. When people had to make their living spaces into their working spaces, we all got to see the negative aspects of not being able to separate oneself from their work by punching out at the end of the day. Creating art is an inherently personal thing to do, and in a situation where art becomes your work, that personal balance is difficult to find. We follow Chase and Maddy as we get a peek into what this looks like in their relationship when it all comes to a head, and Chase is faced with a decision. By the time we meet them in the film, it is clear Chase has already allowed the art to consume him, and his focus is not being split correctly in order to foster a good environment for his relationship. I hope to use this film to offer an escape to the viewers, and hold up a mirror to those who may need to check their priorities and make changes accordingly. If there is one good reason to create art, it is to benefit others. When we lose the reason we are doing it, or center something else in the meaning, no one stands to benefit. And if we as artists are to use the creating process as an escape from our lives, let us also use it to improve them for ourselves and those around us.

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