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Isaac Hilton

Isaac Hilton is a film production major. His project focuses on drama, romance, comedy style, and is a short film. It’s about a man that is a lady’s man who likes to play around and not take girls seriously. His friend tells him that it’s not right to treat women like this. To teach him a lesson his friend goes behind his back and starts talking to a girl his best friend is talking too. His friend finds out how does he responds to all of this. 

Artist Statement

This short film is about a man named Xavier who is in college with his best friend Jamal.

Xavier is a player and Jamal tells him that he needs to treat women with respect. He doesn't listen. So, in order to teach Xavier a lesson Jamal goes behind Xavier's back and gets with Savannah (Xavier's side girl). I'm making this film to tell a story. I feel like especially in this generation we created a situation and consider that a relationship. In this generation with technology, we see a lot more than past generations. I expect the audience to feel bad for Jamal and be on his side. What makes me the person to make this film is seeing it everyday. Whether it be through friends, social media, people who I know. Just scing their relationships and some of the problems they had and how they overcame them.

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