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Elizabeth Bittner

Elizabeth Bittner is a full-time B.F.A. student at Marymount Manhattan College graduating with a degree in Digital Media & Video Production. She would like to think her path has been untraditional as she graduated high school early and pursued a professional career in acting. While on set, Elizabeth fell in love with the creative process of production.

While maintaining a spot on the Dean's List, Elizabeth has been able to intern & freelance for companies she truly admires. Companies include Bustle Digital Group, Morning Brew, Hero Cosmetics, and more. In addition, she has produced content for campaigns on her personal social channels in collaboration with brands such as Macy’s Wine Shop, 12th Tribe, and Kindly to name a few. With these positions, she has expanded her knowledge in media production, influencer marketing, writing for advertisements, and collaborative content across a variety of brands. As Elizabeth is gearing up for graduation, she is producing a branded content short film campaign for her thesis.

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Artist Statement

My grandmother never let me forget the declaration I made to her at just three years old. Marching into her bedroom one day on a mission to share with her my purpose, I declared, “Mammy, I know why I was put on this earth - I was born to perform!” Whether it was singing, acting, or dancing, I always had a love for performance as a child. With the support of my parents, it did not take long for

me to pursue my performance skills professionally. Little did I know my love in front of the camera would translate to behind the camera as well. My love for storytelling ultimately comes from wanting to creatively share it with the world. “Make Every Day A Summer Friday” perfectly blends my passion for relatable storytelling and spotlighting products of fashion and beauty I love. I see myself in the characters I created, while also envisioning fellow women in their twenties. The life moments of the main characters, Elle, Catherine, and Madeline are experiences dealt with by many, intended to inspire women to tackle these moments head-on while understanding they are not alone. The choice of the brand highlighted in my film was important as the products were ones that I wholeheartedly support and organically use in my daily life. It is important, to be honest about what I am personally promoting. I want nothing more than to inspire other women to love the skin they’re in and the products they are using.

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