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Jadon Edwards

Jadon Edwards is from Brooklyn, New York. His parents came from different Caribbean Islands. His mother is from Barbados and his dad is from Jamaica. He is a Digital Media and Video Production major. Jadon enjoys creating films that are comedies and dramas. Whenever he goes on vacation with his parents, he enjoys taking pictures of the landscapes. He is currently learning how to be a camera operator. 

Artist Statement

The title of my film is called Neighborhood Friend. I was inspired to make this film because we sometimes meet new friends, and most of the time, we never see our old friends again. The connection I want to make from this story is how hurt people would feel after not seeing their old friends again. I want the audience to feel wholesome to make them remember their sad and happy memories with their friends. My film is about Kyle, who moved into a new neighborhood and is trying to start a friendship with Jackson. The conflict between them is that Jackson refuses to be friends with Kyle because he’s not like his childhood, causing an argument. Jackson is a lonely teenager who doesn’t want to become friends with Kyle because he misses his old friend,who he doesn’t see anymore, and Kyle is a new kid around the neighborhood trying to be friends with Jackson. My message for this film is that it’s ok to start a new friendship with someone else.One of my challenges in filmmaking was finding actors to be in my film. The crew supported my vision by helping me with my script and developing ideas for my story. My advice for other filmmakers is always to find help with making a film and get everything prepared. I hope the audience would take away that it’s a great film that understands the meaning of friendship and that they could relate to the characters

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