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Pierce Esteves

From all over the northeast coast. Born in Connecticut, raised in both New York and Pennsylvania where he graduated, just to return to New York and explore his interest in video production. Before that, I was thrown into the deep end of the daily student-run news show where Pierce had a long run as tech producer/vision mixer. Adapting to that made other set situations much more palatable, but eventually found his passion in post-production while studying at Marymount Manhattan College and was also invited to be a part of Lambda Pi Eta. While my inspirations were and still are music videos and horror movies, he have found I also gravitate towards relationships, loss, and mental health as topics.

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Artist Statement

I use editing to make the invisible, visible; and I use film to challenge existing perspectives. I’ve always been a storyteller, creating music videos in my head before I even knew what I was doing. But beyond all, it was James Wan’s movies, specifically The Conjuring, that inspired me the most. I can narrow it down even further to the clothesline scene being the exact moment where I wondered how they did it, and eventually what it would be like to be part of a project like that. I’ve always been creative, whether it be drawing, singing, or taking pictures; yet I had maintained the belief that I wanted to be a veterinarian when I grew up until this. Now looking back it just seems fitting, when I was young on Christmas Eve, I saw a silhouette of reindeer and a sleigh in the sky, grabbed the camera, and recorded a news report as the reporter, I would make music videos for family presents on holidays out of what used to be in photo albums; and when I first walked into my high school video production room, it was like a light went on behind my eyes. I work extremely well in the fast-paced environment of a set - live or not - it’s the only place I feel I’m moving at a normal pace, and the same can be said for editing; making sense out of chaos.

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