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Alex Moreno

Alex Moreno is a Film and Media student from El Paso Texas. After bouncing between working toward a Law Degree or an Engineering degree he went to his community college to study Film and Media Production. He would also pick up a love of acting and would audition for the Community College plays and work backstage for the school's production of “Kiss of the Spider Woman”. During that time, he would also make four short films and his sci-fi western “Cyberpunk 2077: Big Iron” would win third place at the El Paso Community College Film Festival. He would also help work on other short films with old school mates, most notably his work on the sound crew for the film “The Coffee Box” that was shown at Yale. 

Artist Statement

My main hope of my film is just to tell a compelling story that was created during a time that was most difficult for me. I want people to have a good time with the thriller aspect but still fell sad for Diego at the end of the film. I want the ending of my film to give the audience a glimpse into how I felt at the end of my relationship. I want them to look at the film and see that I needed to let go of both the pain and the mistakes I made. Letting go of who I was before and who I am now are different people and in order to start healing I had to accept that things were over.

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