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Mohammed Aljaser

From doodling cartoon characters as a kid to making Arts and crafts, Mohammed Aljaser has always enjoyed being creating Art. Mohammed is a multi-disciplined creative director from Saudi Arabia whose interested in directing, design, and music. He joined a popular content-creating production company (Telfaz11) at the age of sixteen, where he met few talented artists and directors who have helped me hone his path. He directed one short documentary with the company Telfaz11 about a growing skateboarding community in Saudi Arabia, which premiered in Youtube in 2017. Mohammed is currently working on an architecture documentary about new mosque with contemporary design in the country of Oman.

Artist Statement

As an enthusiast of creativity, art, and design, and as a person that appreciates Islamic Art, I found Albulushi Mosque design too good to not be recognized. I think it is crucial to acknowledge how beautiful this mosque is and shed light on talented and creative Arab designers and architects like Marwan Albulushi who are not showcased globally. I like watching Architecture digests, but documentaries that celebrate Arab designers’ works are limited. I myself was only interested of making the documentary because I truly liked and appreciated his mosque. My end goal is to create a fun documentary that gives a design overview and delves into Marwan’s creative choices. My role as a director was to capture the mosque organically and beautifully, like shooting panoramic shots that communicate how it feels inside the mosque. I am inspired by Nowness's way of capturing architecture, which usually consist of breath-taking videos about people and their designs or projects, and I made sure to put my own touch and style in the documentary.

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