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Keiora Williams

Keiora Williams is from the Bronx, and she lives with her mom and siblings. Keiora works and goes to school; She is currently on her second degree at Marymount Manhattan College in Film and Media Production. The style of film that she likes to make is anything that piques her interest, but for now, it is documentaries. Keiora loves Anime, she is also a sneakerhead, and her sneaker collection is massive. Keiora's greatest accomplishment is getting her associate degree at BMCC (Borough of Manhattan Community College) and continuing to create more content about her life. 

Artist Statement

As a Black Female Filmmaker, I want to be able to create a film that puts a smile on people's faces,educate and entertain and be able to build a conversation on the documentary that the viewer just watched. When making a film especially a documentary, I want to be able to build a audience around people who are from the Caribbean and have family who are from there, telling the story of a immigrant women from the Caribbean women who left their home to live a better life for themselves and their children to live a better life and have the American Dream and passing it down the family tree. I am the perfect person to create this film because I am able to bring attention to how hard Caribbean mothers had to work to provide a better life for their kids.

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