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Krista Schuff

Krista Schuff is a twenty-one-year-old girl from Queens, NY who is graduating from college this May. Krista’s producing interests are in the field of television and social media. While in college she has taken many classes about television and had the opportunity to take classes working with the TV Studio and control room that the college provides for the students. Krista enjoyed her time in the TV Studio because it introduced her to how they create talk shows and live television as well. Krista has also decided to pursue social media content creation. She has always enjoyed creating her own content and has experience creating content for other people and organizations like the Disney club at Marymount Manhattan College. Krista is currently working on her final project for her college education but hopes to get an internship as soon as she graduates.

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Artist Statement

As I leave college and enter the workforce I would consider myself an aspiring media artist. I like all forms of media and I’m still trying to figure out where I belong. I have enjoyed my experience in the college classes based around TV and I find the aspect of live TV amazing. In a matter of minutes, you’re creating content that some people would rather shoot over and over again. Of course, there is an added stress since it is life however that makes the process more exciting. I also enjoy making videos on TikTok which is considered short-form content. TikTok is a platform where everyone can be their true authentic selves and create whatever types of videos they want. I like to create dancing videos as well as videos of me using my clothes to dress up as Disney characters (these are called Disneybounds). I make TikTok about the things that interest me, and a lot of my account is based on the Walt Disney Company. When it comes to my short films I have made a variety of different films based on different things that I am interested in. The content I decide to create will always be a reflection on myself and that helps me to choose that I will create a new story about something that connects to me personally. When I can connect to a project I’m able to put my best foot forward and that’s why this upcoming project is so important because I can connect to it. My upcoming project Bullying Hurts! is about a girl being bullied for the hair on her body. While I wasn’t bullied for the hair on my body I was bullied for other reasons and I know how cruel kids can be. Kids don’t realize at the moment how much the words they use to hurt and after struggling with my own bullying experience I wanted to capture that and bring it to real life in this upcoming project.

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