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Lindsay Nickelson

Lindsay Nickelson is an aspiring writer and filmmaker from Houston, Texas currently studying Film Production and Creative Writing at Marymount Manhattan College. As an avid reader, Lindsay has always been drawn to introspective romantic stories and women’s fiction. With her short film she examines the rise and downfall of a relationship through the eyes of a misunderstood woman who has never known love. She has been around creatives her entire life thanks to the many surrounding her and is excited to showcase the dream project that has been years in the making. 

Artist Statement

Lindsay majored in Film Production at Marymount Manhattan College with a minor in Creative Writing. She’s always writing stories that come to her in her notes app and that’s where the groundwork for What I Never Said was born. The protagonist of the film (Libby) is an artist, but in many ways, her struggles and overall arc were written as Lindsay began contemplating her own choices for the future. As a writer, Lindsay has always tried to stay true to writing stories she can understand; thus, What I Never Said was born out of fear of growing up and looking at the ways other people in her life have adapted to such changes. She hopes audiences that watch this film walk away with a combination of emotions. Life isn’t guaranteed therefore her stories intend to leave audiences wondering what happens next. Furthermore, always a lover of romance books, she wanted the chance to create one of her own. One that will, again, leave audiences wondering if the end is truly ever the end.

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