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Emi Verhar

Emi Verhar is an aspiring sound designer and creative currently receiving their BFA in Film and Media Production at Marymount Manhattan College. The moment Emi knew that they were meant to make movies was sitting in the movie theater during Spider-Man: Homecoming, and has loved every moment of their filmmaking journey since then. Over their past three years at Marymount, Emi has self-produced and collaborated on several short films and podcasts while maintaining their position on the Dean’s List. Her favorite project so far has been co-producing a Dungeons and Dragons show for Mount Studios (an MMC club). She has also interned for Maine Public and freelances for Black River Productions, where she has learned more about how to tell meaningful stories and edit like a pro. Emi hopes to make films that inspire people (and are a little silly). 

Artist Statement

   The two guiding principles of my artistic work are to spark inspiration in others and to highlight the queer female experience. My love of action and fantasy movies has a hand to play in this- I still remember the visceral feeling of awe I felt sitting in the theater for Spider-Man: Homecoming, and the moment of clarity that I had driving home afterwards that I wanted to make movies. It’s so important to me that I recreate that moment of wonder with each story I create. 
     Centering queer women in my stories is rooted in my own identity as well as the sparse number of lesbian films available to me growing up. The queer films that I watched as a middle schooler and high schooler mainly followed gay men, and the few lesbian films I knew of usually had a sad ending as a result of their sexuality. Though they were important in terms of representation and in my queer journey, I had no silly rom-com flicks centering lesbians where sexuality was incidental and I could see queer women living freely and authentically. This film was created with my younger self and other LGBTQ+ kids in mind. In addition, I believe that it is so important that female stories are told by female storytellers. Centering queer college women in my story, using elements from my own personal experiences, and working with a largely female crew was instrumental to making a film that felt authentic and will hopefully create representation for audiences.

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