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Kayla Pellegrini

Kayla Pellegrini is a record producer, singer, and songwriter. Their focus is EDM (electronic dance music), psychedelic, and rock genres in the pop style. Their project is a debut album accompanied by an animated album sampler video, all of which is created by them. It consists of sensitive themes such as anxiety, dysthymia, suicide, self-harm, and the hardships of business, along with hopeful topics like community, harmony empowerment, justice, and self-fulfillment. They also have their own poetry book that they published themselves called, Rhetoric Maniac.  

Artist Statement

Mx. Kay’s desire is to create a main career out of their music. They sing and songwrite because it was the first coping mechanism and creative-escape they found they could do while they have lived in an abusive household and grew up abnormally. Fortunately today, Mx. Kay has overcome the tribulations between existence and music. Mx. Kay is an intensively expressive individual in terms of songwriting due to their introverted nature. The songwriting process depends on the objective and the characteristics of the song. For most songs though, they begin with an idea, a message, a goal, and then write out the lyrics, organizing them into stanzas and into divided sections, usually following the typical structure of verse, pre-chorus, chorus, verse, pre-chorus, chorus, bridge, chorus. If no melodies come to mind, they hop on their DAW (digital audio workspace) and imagine the instrumental emotions for the song and from there, the genre falls into place after establishing the instruments, key signature(s), chord progression(s), and percussion(s). To this day, they still write traditional sheet music to help them stay on pitch, especially since they are slightly hard of hearing. The best part is when they record the song in the recording studio. From there, Mx. Kay mixes, masters, then bounces the project into an audio file called a (digital) song. It’s a rewarding process for Mx. Kay, because it fulfills the childhood dream they had since they were around 6 years old.

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