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Alexa Mccolgan

Alexa Mccolgan is a Mexican American filmmaker. She is now a senior at Marymount Manhattan College in New York City, where she majors in Film and Production. Born in Leon Guanajuato and raised between Leon and Los Angeles, California, she gained a deep affection for both vastly different cultures. Even as a child, she loved memorializing the beauty around her— whether in sunny Mexico or in dazzling LA, whether that was with her mom’s bedazzled flip phone or with a camera. Right now, Alexa is interested in documenting the untapped gems and grievances of the cultures she came up immersed in. 

Artist Statement

Alexa Mccolgan Andrade is a filmmaker who loves using documentaries to show the beauty of the world around her. Mexican-American first-generation filmmaker utilizes her experience of growing up in two vastly different cultures as inspiration in capturing Latin American stories, showing the beauty and issues that face Latin America and the Latino community, which is overlooked or stereotyped, especially in film. 

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