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Bria Nieves

Bria Nieves is an emerging Director and Filmmaker from Roxbury, New Jersey. She discovered her eye for film during the pandemic as she began opening her eyes to the beauty of its cinematography. As a filmmaker, Bria believes that the integrity of film lies with being able to tell a story not only through its narrative but also being able to give powerful subtext through a creative visual scape. Having a strong background in the visual arts, Bria has always aimed to make her audience combat harsh realities in visually stunning ways. 

Artist Statement

“Chirp.” is an experimental short film that surrounds the silent survivors of sexual harassment, assault and abuse. I aim to not only make audiences uncomfortable but to inform them of the mass population of woman who are survivors of sexual assault but have remained quiet due to social implications, religious trauma, safety and societal guilt and shame. As a woman I felt that it was my duty to make an accurate representation of the depth in which this effects womens lives that are not talked about when dealing with the trauma of sexual assault. In the media we see versions of brave women coming forward and sharing their stories about taking down their assailants, but we don’t hear about the women who sit two feet away from us on the train. We don’t hear about the women who go throughout their day as if it was normal, the women who never bring up their assault. Living as if it never happened. This film is important because it amplifies the voices of the voiceless.

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